This is an affordable service and the fees are the same regardless of how many nannies you have hired. On the other hand, employees also have their customized Sure Payroll mobile app that they can use to see paycheck details, deductions, earnings, and taxes. The app also features retirement deductions and federal tax filing details. You must be aware of any changes in state, local, or federal regulations. You will have access to skilled teams if you use a nanny payroll service. Choosing a dependable and trustworthy nanny payroll service is a vital decision for any family who hires someone to care for their children or perform household responsibilities.

  1. Additionally, you may have to pay state taxes, so check your state’s regulations for guidelines.
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  3. In other words, employers never pay more than $420 of the unemployment tax per employee.
  4. Justworks is a PEO, which stands for Professional Employer Organization.

Poppins Payroll® happily presents an easier way to handle taxes and payroll for nannies, housekeepers, senior caregivers and anyone else you employ in your home. Turns out you don’t have to empty your wallet to run a perfect payroll. Yes, you need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for household payroll. To get an EIN, apply for one from the IRS—the application doesn’t cost anything and is fairly painless. Plus, if you apply online (the IRS’s preferred method, though you can also apply via mail or fax), you get your EIN immediately, which means your nanny will be able to start working for you right away. While NannyPay is pretty basic, it takes care of a few payroll tasks beyond paycheck calculations.

What Users Think About Savvy Nanny Payroll Services

That might make sense since it manages the entire process, from setting up your employee in its system to processing payroll and managing taxes. It also has experts on staff who are available to advise on compliance issues. It has a self-service portal for your employee and gives you lifetime access to pay stubs and other payroll records—none of the other nanny payroll services we reviewed do that (except Paychex). Paycor is a publicly traded company that provides a full suite of human capital management solutions to over 2 million users.

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But most importantly, it can help you stay compliant with all the relevant tax laws. To get a more in-depth look on how you can use it, check out our What is QuickBooks article. Simple Nanny is an expensive, no-frills nanny payroll online calculator. It was created because some people don’t need end-to-end payroll because they pay their nannies in cash or by personal check. However, keeping track of changing tax rates and 12 months of data can be difficult when using a spreadsheet. You could face back taxes (along with penalties and interest on what you owe) and tax evasion charges, among other things.

If you want to easily pay for your nanny, you should definitely consider a nanny payroll service. These platforms come with essential tools that help you pay your employee while also complying with state laws regarding employment taxes. SurePayroll started out as a small business service but quickly expanded its selection to include a cloud-based solution for nanny payroll. SurePayroll offers simple-to-use mobile tools and an assurance that taxes will be filed. Your easy, intuitive, and inexpensive online payroll and tax solution for nannies, home care workers, and all household employees.

Robie Ann Ferrer is an HR expert writer at Fit Small Business, focusing on small business HR and payroll software content. She has over eight years of content writing experience, handling different topics. Robie also worked as an HR specialist for 10 years where she managed various facets of HR—from payroll and benefits to employee services and HR systems. For new clients, Savvy Nanny Payroll Services has an enrollment support team that can help you with the documents you need to set up your account. However, it won’t assist you in getting your EIN and state account number in case you’re a new household employer.

A lot of those factors depend heavily on where you live, so we took a look at the data to find out which states offer the best (and worst) environments for working parents. While hiring a nanny can certainly be a big help, most working parents still want to maximize the amount of time they’re able to spend with their kids. In fact, you can switch and cancel your plan at any time with no financial penalty to yourself.


It earned an overall rating of 4.13 out of 5 in our evaluation, with perfect marks in user popularity and high scores in nearly all of our criteria. However, its pricing details are not readily available, and it charges for year-end tax filing services. Nonetheless, users praised its intuitive platform and efficient payroll tools. The payroll feature, in particular, automatically takes into consideration employees’ time off, time worked and benefits to ensure payments are accurate. It also handles federal taxes and state taxes for all U.S.-based workers.

It calculates nanny pay with withholdings and benefits and pays household employees via direct deposits. If you hire a new nanny, it handles state new hire reporting for you. It also offers compliance resources and guides to help you stay on the right side of the law. Ultimately, nanny payroll software will provide everything you need to be a great household employer. It’ll have industry-specific tools to ensure you tackle administrative tasks like payroll processing, taxes, scheduling and more with ease.

Users who left feedback on third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra like the platform’s straightforward navigation. Although Wave Payroll is excellent for year-round use, its offboarding capabilities differentiate it from other software, making it the best choice for households with seasonal staff. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services. We also wanted to note that since lower income-to-rent ratios and unemployment rates are preferable, states with the lowest numbers in these categories were scored higher.

It even sends payroll and tax reminders to ensure you don’t miss important deadlines. While household employers aren’t legally obligated to offer employee benefits like health insurance and 401(k) retirement plans, some choose to offer benefits to attract top talent or retain employees. Poppins Payroll has a secure online library that stores all of your tax and payroll documents.

But as with any choice, you should always pair advice with your own research. Nobody knows better than you what kind of Nanny payroll service you’re looking for, so make sure you find one that fits all of your individual needs. GTM Payroll Services is one of the top payroll companies for providing employee benefits because it is also a certified broker and offers a wide selection nanny payroll services of benefits in 28 states. But Savvy Nanny helps you out in this regard as you simply pay an additional $6 per person after the first two employees are covered by the one flat rate. This led the IRS to crack down on nanny tax compliance, along with a number of high-profile incidents. The system has real-time reports that are easy to read and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

It offers an online tool that helps file and pay all state and federal taxes, process salary payments via direct deposit, and create pay stubs. Taxes are automatically remitted to the appropriate tax agencies after each payroll run instead of on a quarterly schedule, and you even get email reminders when it’s time to pay. Overall, it is a good option for employers who want help managing their household payroll. The easiest way to set up payroll for your nanny is by subscribing to a nanny payroll service. ADP is one of the biggest names in global payroll, but on top of its enterprise-level payroll solutions, it has small-business payroll software that doubles as an effective nanny tax service. Another benefit of is that they automatically administer the right payment to your nanny each pay period.

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