Mr ROUABHI Mohamed

Mr Rouabhi Mohamed Started his entrepreneurial adventure in 1988, the same year in which he decided to change his status as an IT specialist to a company director by creating an aggregate transportation company, then a company of traveler’s transportation.

In 1998, by noticing the pressing need of the public enterprises to outsource the function of transportation of their employees, he created ENTRASER. He could in few years become a byword in this sector thanks to an adequate response to the needs of his clients and an outstanding rigor.

The secret of his success lies behind the support and the promotion of human potential.

In fact, Mr Rouabhi Mohamed in his long journey was so close to his employees at all hierarchical and grade levels, he accompanied them frequently and personally during the execution of the complex functions and missions

Humanist, Maecenas, insightful, he gathered strategy and leadership.

Raised in popular areas around the capital Algiers, the golden boy of the historical district LAAKIBA, was well known for his charitable actions and humbleness. Mr Rouabhi Mohamed doesn’t spend all his carts; he still has a lot to give.

The worth of this man lies in what he does well, adding to his rich experience and his willing to support the economic development of our country; he still has other industrial projects hidden in his pocket.