ACTIMUS SPA GROUP is a group of companies working in the field of transportation and services.

In the early 1990s the founder of the group Mr . Rouabhi, set up an aggregate transport company, thereafter a travelers company and finally a shift toward personnel transportation.

Ayant réussi à occuper une place considérable dans sur le marché de transport de personnes, il élargit sa gamme de services en proposant une gestion intégrée des flottes d’entreprises.

This activity is adapted to meet the pressing need of companies in all the national territory that look for professionals to take charge of transportation and mobility of their associates.

On the other hand, Mr Rouabhi has established an agency specialized in technical automotive services alongside with the emergence of this business in Algeria.

The experience acquired, also the equipment provided has been put at the disposal of our fleets and our clients.

Moreover, the company of services ACTAC has offered a complete range of services for the automotive equipment maintenance.

As always, and in term of the variety of services given to the client, ACTIMUS Group has created an affiliate called CRETOS.

As a matter of fact, the professional experience acquired for two decades including many adequate spaces were proposed to the enterprise for their professional events such as training courses, seminars and many other events.