Passenger’s transportation and rental for all companies with a long term rental period

Our historical activity based on the transportation of employees. The virtue that we can be proud of is the reliability of our services, and this is due to the particular interest that we show to enhance the competences of our drivers and their mental strength.

Our mission is to make sure that your employees are well served taking into consideration the fixed program and the stations agreed on.

Our fleets of vehicles allow us to replace immediately any damaged vehicle if necessary (crashes, malfunction…)

We develop a transportation system that provides a convenient, safe passage for all delegations and any groups of people in all the national territory.

The second side of our logistic services focuses on providing vehicles to all enterprises for a long term period with or without a driver.

We offer a personalized long term vehicles services for the public bodies and governmental institution with or without drivers.

The established period for a long term renting contract begins usually from 6 months, a convenient and profitable solutions adapted to the customer with a diverse range of vehicles (light vehicles, utility vehicles, and a high range vehicles).

We take care of everything:

  • Preventive and curative services.
  • Back up 7/7 and 24H.
  • Full insurance.

For the long term rental, we offer a multiple advantages:

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Replacement of vehicles in 24H/48H, according to your location.
  • Monitoring services of the fleet dedicated to the clients.